2 Pre-Bid Steps To Roof Replacement Success

To have a near-seamless roof replacement experience, an owner should take two important steps prior to evaluating any bids on their project to ensure a positive result.

Step #1: Establish a clear scope of work.

Ideally, an owner’s designer or consultant should provide contractors who are invited to bid with a complete set of bid documents, vetted prior to issuance to bidders. If building owners work with the contractors to establish a clear scope of work, that scope of work and a commitment to fulfill it should be included in the contractor’s proposals. In addition to the technical scope of work, bid documents should include the owner’s expectation of:

  • An experienced jobsite supervisor provided by the contractor
  • Professional behavior by contractor’s crews
  • Quality workmanship
  • A neat, orderly jobsite at all times
  • A commitment by the contractor to minimize disruption to the owner’s ongoing operations

The bid documents must be job-specific and not just a “boilerplate” set of specifications. All drawings—roof plans, details, etc.—must be job-specific and include accurate identification of roof-top conditions. Failure to fulfill this responsibility could lead to extra expenses and project delays for the owner.

Step #2: Follow a well-thought-out bidder pre-qualification process.

Once contractors express interest in bidding, they should be put through a rigorous process before they submit their bid to determine if they are actually qualified to handle the scope of work the owner is pursuing. So, in addition to a thorough evaluation of their proposal, clients will have several other important factors to also consider as they are deciding what contractor should be awarded the business. Some examples include:

  • Require a “pre-bid” meeting
  • Require a list of recent projects of similar nature and scope
  • Require resumes of the contractor’s proposed job site supervisor and other key employees
  • Require a certificate of insurance confirming proper levels of coverage for workers’ compensation, general liability, auto, excess coverage, etc.

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Taking these two important steps are key to owner’s taking control over their project and can set them on the best path to a good experience.

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