Inspect What You Expect

We delve into Standard's proactive safety approach, centered on the principle of “Inspect What You Expect,” to safeguard the well-being of all stakeholders—team members, contractors, and customers. We explore the implementation of an innovative safety expectations checklist designed to systematically evaluate job sites, enhancing vigilance and minimizing risks.


The Vital Role of Experienced Installation Crews - Complicated and Challenging Part 2

In Part 2 of our Complicated and Challenging series, Standard, a trusted partner for 75+ years for commercial roofing and building envelope solutions, explores how the high situational awareness of experienced project supervisors and installation crews plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe jobsites and project excellence on complex projects.


You should properly prepare jobsites prior to projects.

Before starting a commercial reroofing or other building envelope maintenance project, it is important to properly prepare the jobsite. This includes removing obstacles and debris, making efforts to protect surrounding property, establishing work area boundaries, and installing appropriate signage. A well-prepared jobsite creates a safe and efficient work environment, will help minimize disruptions during the job, and will help ensure successful project completion.


Jobsite Safety–Customer Focused Success Part 4

Safety is the number one factor that will lead to the successful completion of commercial roofing and building envelope maintenance projects. Because our crews have to work in direct proximity to commercial building occupants, our occupied facility jobsite safety plans have to be holistic.


Jobsite Management–Customer Focused Success Part 3

A sloppy jobsite is not on the list of ways to describe what will likely be a successful project. Words like clean, neat, orderly, safe, and secure are words that would need to be used to describe the jobsites during and after the work day of what will be a successful job.


Clean Up Your Mess!

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover. But based on my experience, you can judge how successful a job will be for the customer and for the contractor by the eye appeal of the jobsite.


Identify Potential Issues Before They Are Problems

A contractor should always consult with the owner, discuss any sensitive property or finishes, then do a walkthrough to identify possible issues, before a problem develops. Proper safety, planning, execution, clean-up, and attention to a customer’s property relates directly to how successful a contractor will be over the long term.


Why Experience Modifier Ratings Matter

Experience Modifier Ratings or EMRs matter because they are a direct indicator of the safety records of prospective construction project bidders. And EMR ratings can have an impact on the costs of projects and the potential for that vendor to complete your project without on-the-job injuries.


Collect Your Money When It’s Due

Maintaining healthy levels of cash is key to the viability of any contractor. This is especially true during these times of material shortages and long-lead deliveries resulting from supply chain problems.


5 Keys to a Safety-First Culture

Safety training is a vital part of every business regardless of the industry. However, for companies providing commercial roofing and building envelope maintenance services like Standard, poorly implemented safety training can literally be the difference between life or death. The team as a whole must have a clear understanding that these protocols not only protect themselves as individuals, but the group as a whole.


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