Inspect What You Expect

We delve into Standard's proactive safety approach, centered on the principle of “Inspect What You Expect,” to safeguard the well-being of all stakeholders—team members, contractors, and customers. We explore the implementation of an innovative safety expectations checklist designed to systematically evaluate job sites, enhancing vigilance and minimizing risks.


Catch Excellence by Striving for Perfection

At Standard, we emphasize the daily pursuit of excellence by chasing perfection, highlighting the importance of not overlooking the “little things” that collectively lead to excellence. This blog highlights how to avoid the path to mediocrity and ultimately “catch excellence” in the relentless pursuit of perfection, as inspired by Vince Lombardi's philosophy.


The Power of Fair Compensation: Attracting High-Performers Increases Quality and Reduces Supervision Costs

Paying fair wages and bonuses leads to hiring higher quality staff, requiring less supervision and resulting in increased customer satisfaction and recommendations.


Life Insurance

Protect your family, purchase as much life insurance as possible.


Pride Comes Before a Fall

It is important to maintain a commitment to excellence and avoid a sense of entitlement. Business can easily fall into complacency, leading to failure if not corrected. The key to sustained success is staying focused and striving for perfection every day.


Thankful for You

Beyond clients and employees, we recognize the crucial roles played by Facility and Plant Managers, Roof Consultants, Architects, and Engineering Firms over the many years of Standard’s success. Standard is known for tackling challenging projects with tight timelines, specific material requirements, and complex architectural considerations. Our team thrives on such challenges, demonstrating enthusiasm, energy, and a strong commitment to safety and quality. We wake up every day grateful for the opportunity to help clients overcome difficult challenges, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who recommends Standard for such projects.


The Vital Role of Experienced Installation Crews - Complicated and Challenging Part 2

In Part 2 of our Complicated and Challenging series, Standard, a trusted partner for 75+ years for commercial roofing and building envelope solutions, explores how the high situational awareness of experienced project supervisors and installation crews plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe jobsites and project excellence on complex projects.


Estimating Complicated and Challenging Projects - Complicated and Challenging Part 1

While putting together project takeoffs provides the material cost for a project estimate, taking the extra time to really understand the specific labor requirements, project supervision requirements, and the physical environment of the project are all factors that require extra time, experience, and often collaboration to be properly estimated.


Solving Excessive Negative Building Pressure

Excessive negative building pressure occurs when HVAC systems in a building draw in more air than they expel. Some clues this may be an issue in a building include difficulty opening doors and keeping interior doors closed. Proper design and installation of HVAC systems is critical to minimizing challenges presented by excessive negative pressure issues but adjustments can also be made to HVAC systems in existing buildings to help balance pressure to solve issues that may be causing excess interior moisture entering buildings.


Why Metal Buildings Often Have Excessive Negative Pressure Challenges

Excessive negative building pressure occurs when HVAC systems in a building draw in more air than they expel. This can be a particular challenge in metal buildings when the proper attention may not be paid to the design and installation of HVAC systems. However, adjustments can be made to current HVAC systems to help balance interior and exterior pressure in existing buildings.


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