We Are Problem Solvers

Discover how Standard excels in solving complex challenges in commercial roofing and building envelope projects. Explore our commitment to proactive problem-solving, customer success, and round-the-clock dedication.


Details Matter for Standard

Discover how meticulous attention to details can transform customer experiences and ensure safety in the high-stakes world of roofing in our latest blog. Learn why everything from how a phone call is answered to strict safety protocols on rooftops isn't just about standards but survival and success in our business.


Details, Details, Details!

Discover how the timeless lessons from a high school basketball coach mirror the importance of attention to detail in business, especially in the building envelope solutions industry. Learn how the principles of playing both ends of the court can lead to success in any field.


Exciting News Alert! Standard Unveils Leadership Promotions

The team at Standard is buzzing with excitement as we announce the well-deserved promotions of two key leaders who have been instrumental in driving our success. Join us in congratulating Kristine Mantel and Derrick Burnett on their new roles, set to propel our company into an even brighter future!


Why Handwritten Notes Make Outsized Impressions

In an age dominated by digital communication, Pete champions the enduring significance of handwritten notes, emphasizing their unmatched ability to convey sincerity and foster genuine connections. Exploring the timeless charm of snail mail, this insight underscores the lasting impact of personal gestures in an increasingly impersonal world.


Second Place is for Winners

Being top-of-mind as the “2nd best” service provider that a prospect knows will eventually lead to a new customer. For Standard, if a potential commercial roofing and building envelope maintenance customer has a preferred vendor (the position that every service provider strives to be), that is generally their 1st and best choice. However, if and when that preferred provider is not delivering a satisfactory level of service at some point in the future, being the “second best” provider that prospective customer knows will pay off.


ALWAYS Submit a Responsible Bid

In this insight, Pete stresses the significance of responsible estimating to ensure fair and accurate bids, consistent results, and the safety of project completion. The author encourages a proactive approach to bidding, advocating for stretching capabilities while maintaining high service standards for customers.


Proper Estimating is Critical

Proper estimating is key to a successful client experience. In Part One of this Customer Focused Success series, we look at how takeoffs, or the process of determining and then estimating the costs for the materials that are needed for a job, are a critical element of the estimating process. We also provide a few contingency examples to consider as part of the takeoff process as well as alternate material options to consider related to cost and availability.


Selecting a Roof System: The Case for TPO

There are no “one type fits all” roof systems. So, when faced with a new construction project or re-roofing an existing facility, owners should be fully informed as to the type of roof system best suited for the scope of work. Along with a pre-bid evaluation, the selection of the proper roof system is one of the most important steps owners can take to help avoid future, long-term problems. Here, we explore the TPO roof system and discuss when it's the best option for your re-roofing project.


Inspect What You Expect

We delve into Standard's proactive safety approach, centered on the principle of “Inspect What You Expect,” to safeguard the well-being of all stakeholders—team members, contractors, and customers. We explore the implementation of an innovative safety expectations checklist designed to systematically evaluate job sites, enhancing vigilance and minimizing risks.


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