Four Keys to a Safety-First Culture

The only way to maintain a safety-first culture is to provide a rigorous, comprehensive, and consistent safety training program. 

In addition to having third-party safety inspections conducted on job sites, Standard requires mandatory safety training days four times each year—typically on the final Friday of the quarter. These are 8-hour documented training sessions and each session stresses a variety of subjects. Likewise, a record is kept of all training performed for each field employee. 

Executive support of the safety program is vital. Standard’s entire Leadership Team—CEO, CFO, and VP/Division Managers participate in the safety program. And keep in mind that no modern-day training program is complete without a means of rewarding safe work practices, as well as established disciplinary processes for addressing safety violations.

As you work to establish a safety-first culture for your organization, the following are four components to keep in mind: 

  • Site inspections must be random and thorough
  • Training must be consistent and ongoing
  • Award programs should be in place
  • Disciplinary issues must be actively addressed

And be sure that you have the full endorsement and support of company executives as you are developing your program, as you kick it off, and most importantly as you consistently revisit the safety subject.

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