5 Keys to a Safety-First Culture

The only way to maintain a safety-first culture is to provide a rigorous, comprehensive, and consistent safety training program. 

In addition to having third-party safety inspections conducted on job sites, Standard requires mandatory safety training days four times each year—typically on the final Friday of the quarter. These are 8-hour documented training sessions and each session stresses a variety of subjects. Likewise, a record is kept of all training performed for each field employee. 

Executive support of the safety program is vital. Standard’s entire Leadership Team—CEO, CFO, and VP/Division Managers participate in the safety program. And keep in mind that no modern-day training program is complete without a means of rewarding safe work practices, as well as established disciplinary processes for addressing safety violations.

As you work to establish a safety-first culture for your organization, the following are five components to keep in mind:

  1. Site inspections must be random, thorough and well-documented
  2. Training must be consistent and ongoing
  3. Award programs should be in place
  4. Disciplinary issues must be actively addressed
  5. Management must be 100% on board with the entire program

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