Accelerate the Adoption of Efficient Building Technologies

In an industry magazine, “Interface”, there was an excellent article on a Department of Energy (DOE) “campaign” for the Building Envelope.

The authors—Hayley McLeod and Simon Pallin, Ph.D—described the DOE’s effort to “accelerate the adoption of efficient building technologies by providing technical assistance, resources and guidance on implementing best practices for establishing more energy-efficient buildings”, for renovations and new construction.

The article described how, in 2019, “participants in the program realized energy savings of more than $250 million from interior lighting improvements, HVAC roof-top replacements/upgrades”, and installation of energy-efficient roof systems.

The Building Envelope Campaign (BEC) is designed to help owners and managers integrate high-performance building enclosures—the envelope. The categories of the initiative are: walls, roof, windows and airtightness.

Participants in the campaign can submit their buildings to the BEC and receive ratings and feedback on efforts to improve efficiency.

During the next few years, with energy efficiency and alternative energy sources a high priority for the federal government, the Building Envelope Campaign will be prominent.

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