Accountability Mentality

Much of the discussion we hear today about “accountability” revolves around sports. In order for a team to function as a cohesive unit, we hear coaches regularly saying that each player has to be accountable for themselves and to their teammates—everyone has to do their job to the best of their ability in order for the team to succeed.

The same level of accountability is certainly relatable to business. For example, if a customer expects Standard to have a task accomplished by or before a certain date, the responsible Standard leader must hold himself or herself accountable to the customer. However, that Standard leader is likely expecting one or more of their team members to be accountable for performing a certain task or tasks—the Standard team must be accountable to one another to carry out the work in a manner that meets the customer’s expectations of safe, quality work performed within the promised time frame.

To be able to deliver consistent, positive results, all Standard team members—from senior leaders to administrative assistants, to field teams, supervisors, and laborers—must be accountable to themselves and to the rest of the team. An “accountability mentality” is the only path that will lead to a high level of success.

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