After the Storm has Passed

So far this year, we’ve already seen stories of severe and sometimes tragic weather events. After the storm has passed, there is much work to do, including checking your building’s envelope—roof, exterior walls, doors, and windows—for moisture infiltration. Any damages must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further infiltration and longer-term damage.

Keep in mind that weather-stripping around doors can be damaged by high winds and wind-driven rain can enter windows and doors. Roof-top HVAC units might be damaged, allowing moisture to enter the roof system. And debris in high wind conditions can become “missiles”, which can forcefully impact windows and damage roof membranes and roof-mounted equipment.

Consider the immediate post-storm period a call to action for inspection and keep in mind that, depending on the severity of the storm that has affected your area, it is important to call in a dependable and experienced building envelope professional to evaluate post-storm conditions.

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