ALWAYS Submit a Responsible Bid

First let's touch on the word “ALWAYS” and why that is in all caps. Just because you are currently busy, or believe you will be too busy based on the timeline a customer specifies in their bid request, it does not mean you should ever pass on bidding right-fit projects for a good customer. Always keep in mind that not bidding when you are invited is the surest way to be excluded from future bid opportunities.

What do I mean by “responsible?” Proper estimating is critical to preparing fair and accurate bids. Taking your time to go through this effort also ensures that your estimates are consistent. Keeping the expression “slow and steady wins the race” in mind will inject fairness, accuracy, and consistency into your bidding efforts. And proper estimating will also ensure that an experienced installation crew can be in place so that customer projects are completed properly AND safely.

Another quote that I repeat often is, “Never say never.” Again, there is no place for reckless bidding—but there is always an opportunity to stretch ourselves to bid every good job and, no matter how busy we are, still maintain the high level of service that Standard customers have enjoyed for over 75 years.


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