Your Culture Is Your Brand

What customers believe and how they feel when they hear your company name or when they see your logo is considered brand perception. It is built over time through experience, reputation, and word of mouth. These impressions are built through written and verbal correspondence as well as face-to-face interactions. Brand perception can also be shaped by what is not said or done (especially if it was previously promised). 

Ultimately, your company culture as much as anything is what shapes these feelings. The leadership team must show compassion, demonstrate support, be consistent, listen and respond in a timely manner and, most of all, be fair with employees. When leaders work every day to nurture an honest and respectful culture, their employees will work with customers in a similar way - by nurturing honest and respectful customer relationships. 

If anyone on the company’s leadership team is allowed to use threats or other harsh means when working with employees—then “leadership” is the wrong term for the entire team. You might as well call yourselves the intimidation team. And you can be sure that intimidation will lead to an unhealthy culture. Customers can feel this too, and your brand will be associated with negativity that will ultimately lead to a downward spiral.

However, when a leadership team truly leads, your customers will get a sense that your company culture promotes fairness and consistency. And when customers feel they are being treated consistently and fairly, they will contribute to the upward and positive momentum that will lead your company to success.

Your Culture Is Your Brand!

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