Certified Applicator

All major roof system manufacturers require contractors to be certified installers of the particular roof system the manufacturer is supplying; especially if the new roof system being installed is to be covered by a warranty.

Being a Certified Applicator or certified roof system installer simply means the contracting company is approved by the manufacturer to install the roof system for which the contractor has applied. In most cases, contractors are approved with little or no trouble. Other times, contractors can be rejected based on the contractor’s work record or financial position. 

This is just one more reason it’s important for all contractors to maintain a reputation for safety, quality, fairness, and financial responsibility. This reputation will help smooth the approval process for becoming a certified applicator of the materials specified in projects contractors are bidding on, but it will serve them well when owners and designers are performing background checks on contractors’ work history and bonding capacity as part of the due diligence process related to efforts to ensure a good project experience.

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