Chase Perfection, Achieve Excellence: Core Values

“Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.” — Vince Lombardi, Head Coach for the Green Bay Packers

Coach Lombardi’s Packers teams won two world championships — Super Bowls I and II. Prior to Lombardi being named head coach, the Packers were a team rarely known for winning. But over the course of just a few years under Coach Lombardi’s leadership, the Packers became world champions due to their relentless pursuit of perfection. Coach Lombardi’s perspective can be applied to any organization, whether it be a for-profit business or a non-profit organization, whether it be in manufacturing, healthcare, education, or any other pursuit.

Many times, our firm gains a new customer because that customer’s previous service provider failed to meet their expectations. At Standard, we are committed to providing quality roofing, roof maintenance and leak repair services to our clients that surpass the standards of our competitors. We are able to provide this level of service because we aspire for perfection on a daily basis. And by constantly chasing perfection, we know we are always moving towards excellence in every undertaking. From answering the phone within three rings to every task undertaken by field personnel, we expect each member of our team to chase perfection. Our core values are the foundation of this pursuit.


  1. Hard Working And Self-Motivated
    • Interested In Self-Improvement
    • Strive For Perfection
    • Hungry To Achieve
  2. Do The Right Thing

    • Safety-Focused
    • Honesty In All We Do
    • Quality-Minded
    • Ethical
    • Community Involvement
  3. We Are Problem-Solvers

    • Get It Done!
    • Willingness To Figure Things Out
    • Committed To Customer Success
  4. Have A Positive Attitude

    • Friendly
    • Unselfish
    • Not Intimidated
  5. Customer-Focused

    • Team Player
    • Above And Beyond
    • Will Customer Say, “Wow”?

Our personnel live by these organizational values, and that passion manifests itself in the service we provide to our clients. From the leadership team to field personnel, perfection is expected on every project. And in this pursuit of perfection, we know we are doing everything we can to achieve excellence.

Since we don’t play in the Super Bowl, how do we measure how we are doing in our pursuit of perfection? Below are three key components that we can measure on an annual basis:

  1. Every year, we expect there will be no recordable injuries. If an injury does occur, since we know all injuries are preventable, we seek to root-out the cause of the injury and apply what we learn to all future work processes.
  2. Every year, we expect there will be no general liability claims. General liability claims can come in the form of an “open-roof” occurrence - when water enters a building during a reroofing project - due to failure to attend to every detail which prevents this from happening. In these instances, the customer is negatively impacted – inconvenienced, interrupted operations and general ill will. Our firm expects that all details will be addressed to completely eliminate the possibility of a general liability claim.
  3. Every year, we expect there will be no automobile claims. Operating a company vehicle is a privilege, not a given. We expect all “rules of the road” will be observed by anyone operating a company vehicle. Each vehicle displays our toll-free number, along with the message, “How Is My Driving?” If we receive a complaint about the operation of a company vehicle, we are able to identify the driver and apply the proper discipline according to our Vehicle Operating Policy.

From the CEO to the most entry-level field laborer, the pursuit of perfection is considered to be the most important part of a day’s work - because we all know that by chasing perfection, we will achieve excellence.

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