Clean Up Your Mess!

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover. But based on my experience, you can judge how successful a job will be for the customer and for the contractor by the eye appeal of the jobsite.

Well-organized, trash-free jobsites are almost always the jobs that end up being the most successful for all parties. On the other hand, messy, disorganized and trash-strewn jobsites usually indicate a “loser”. Moreover, sloppy jobsites are also usually filled with safety hazards.

The first thing I inspect on a Standard jobsite—and I’ve conducted literally hundreds of inspections in my nearly 40 years with Standard—is the condition of the site. Examples of items to inspect:

  • Is the site clean of loose trash? Is someone constantly “policing” the site to eliminate trash?
  • Is equipment and material on the ground stored in a neat, orderly fashion?
  • Is the job supervisor properly employing all required safety measures applicable to the specific work being undertaken, on the roof and ground?

From time to time, I inspect jobs at the end of the day—intentionally. What do I look for at day’s end? I walk the roof and grounds to confirm:

  • Roof-top equipment is neatly stored.
  • Any materials on the roof—which at the end of the day should be few—are covered securely and neatly.
  • Roof tie-ins are secure and water-tight.
  • Roof drain strainers in place.
  • If a torch has been used during the day, is there a man on a four-hour fire watch after work ends?
  • Are ladders taken down and secured with chain and lock?
  • Is the forklift disabled for the night?
  • Were the kettles (if any) cooled to a low temperature and propane tanks turned off before departing site?
  • Has the owner been notified of the crew’s departure and has the owner been provided after-hours phone numbers?

Random inspections of sites are one of the most important duties of the Division Manager. Correction of unsafe or messy conditions are the responsibility of the site supervisor and Division Manager.

The rule here: Never, ever allow messy, unorganized jobsites.

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