Does Integrity Matter? - Integrity Matters Part 1

Integrity is an attribute that highly successful people possess. Integrity far outstrips brains, ability, or any other attributes a person may possess. Integrity is the basis for any long-lasting relationship, friendship, or anything else of importance. Riches, fame, and stature can be lost or fade away. However, integrity is the singular trait that is the foundation of a fulfilling life.

As business people, keep in mind that an organization does not have integrity. A business is owned and/or led by people, and people do (or do not) have integrity. If being a company that customers feel is led by and employs a team that has integrity is important to you, then let’s take a minute to look at what qualities an individual must have to be considered someone with integrity.

It has been said that integrity has 5 attributes: Dependability, Loyalty, Honesty, Good Judgement, and Respect. Those are qualities that can’t be taught to adults that did not learn the importance of these five attributes as a child. And since integrity is learned at a young age, if we want our organizations to earn a reputation for having team members who are dependable, loyal, honest, have good judgment, and respect others, it is our job as employers to hire team members who have integrity. For more on how to do this, see Hiring For Integrity - Integrity Matters Part 2.

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