Inspect What You Expect

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You get what you inspect, not what you expect?”

At Standard, I have the primary responsibility of expecting our supervisors to “Think Safety,” first and last, plus all the hours of the day in between. I cannot be on every job site, every day. However, when I do show up on a job site, supervisors know exactly what I am there to inspect—everything related to the safety of that job site. That is why we developed this “safety expectations checklist” that helps our leaders and supervisors evaluate every job site we manage.

Expecting something is in direct conflict with micromanaging. When you micromanage, you are showing up and telling others what to do, and they will never learn to think for themselves. When I show up on a job site, I take it all in, make an inventory of the potential issues I see, and then ask the job supervisor to tell me what I am concerned about. Sometimes you have to take them to a certain location on a job site and tell them to look at a certain situation before they see the potential problem. Mentoring supervisors in what to look for, and from what “angles” to look for issues, is one of the most important roles that I can provide—for the safety of every Standard team member, every Standard contractor, and every Standard customer.


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