Maintaining an Orderly Jobsite

A roof replacement project on any facility is a major undertaking. Issues such as jobsite safety hazards, noise, and proper communication among stakeholders are just a few of the many items that must be managed.

However, the one thing that almost always leads to contractors getting sideways with owners is a messy jobsite. Discarded roofing material packaging, drink containers, and fast-food bags are a few of the items that are unacceptable on our projects. Standard’s jobsite supervisor is responsible for ensuring the rooftop and jobsite grounds are policed regularly for any stray trash. This exercise is to be undertaken at least three times per day—preferably in the morning after work has started, just after lunch, and at the end of the workday before anyone leaves the site.

Another contributor to a poorly maintained jobsite are tools and equipment being left in a disorderly fashion after the workday has ended. Tools and other small equipment should be stored in a lockbox on the roof when possible. All equipment on the jobsite grounds should be made neat and stored away. Lastly, ladders (if any) must be taken down, stowed away, and secured with a chain and padlock or, if scaffolding is being used to access the roof or other areas of the building envelope, it must be secured with a lock. 

How neatly a jobsite is being maintained is a direct reflection of the attention to detail a contractor is paying as they undertake the job at hand. As you are considering contractors for your next building envelope project, ask for the addresses of several projects that the contractor currently has underway. If feasible, try to drive by those sites a few times and assess how they are being maintained—what you see will likely give insight into how your project will be handled.

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