Quality Counts!

At Standard, quality counts, and it counts in importance second only to safety. Because rest assured, on any project where quality and safety are not held as the top two priorities, you can count on not being invited to bid on future projects for that customer.

The old adage, ‘the devil is in the details’, rings true in our business. Project managers and supervisors must take a detail-oriented approach to planning and executing our work product. Access to the building, protecting the building’s interior contents throughout the process, and plans to avoid disruptions to the daily operations of the building’s occupants are just a few of the many details Standard’s managers and supervisors plan for. No detail is too small in planning and executing the scope of work for Standard’s customers—we must anticipate unforeseen issues and address those issues upfront.

Indeed, in our “Three-Step Process” documentation manual, we lay out all conditions and outcomes to address in planning and executing the work. So Standard customers can be assured that: “Quality Counts!”.

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