Roof Maintenance vs. Roof Replacement

In times like these, preserving as much cash as possible is certainly a prudent business strategy. To that end, there has never been a better time to consider making a much smaller investment in your roof, and possibly the rest of your commercial building’s exterior envelope, than the long-term investment in a new roof (as may be due, or overdue, and planned for the fiscal year 2020).

An investment in a roof and/or building exterior envelope maintenance program will pay immediate dividends – in addition to quarterly inspections, our programs include minor repairs. But the most relevant return on this minimal investment to consider today is the ability to get more life out of your existing roof - and preserving the cash you are setting aside for its replacement.

While Standard’s exterior building envelope field teams are still operating on a pretty normal schedule, we are starting to hear from some clients looking for options vs. proceeding on a full roof replacement. Options that many commercial and government entities are looking for as they take a pencil to their 2020 budgets. Everyone is asking - what are needs, and what are critical needs? 

Standard can help you objectively assess your existing roof and perform any minor repairs through our roof maintenance program. These efforts could give you many more months or even several more years before the entire roof needs to be replaced. And, when you do replace your roof in the future, we will credit back 50% of the cost of up to 2 years worth of your roof maintenance program contracted through Standard if we put on your new roof.

Please call 334-850-0500 to learn more about our Roof and Building Envelope Maintenance Programs.

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