Second Place is for Winners

You’ve heard the sayings—“Second place is for losers”, “First, never second”, “If you’re not first, you’re last”, etc.

When we engage with a potential customer and hear; “No thanks, we are happy with our current provider.”, we reply with; “Great! That is exactly what we want our customers to say about Standard when they are called on by one of our competitors.” However, we also add; “But we are reaching out today to be sure Standard is the 2nd best commercial roofing and building envelope service provider that you know.” So, IF a potential customer’s preferred provider today is for any reason not delivering a satisfactory level of service at some point in the future, that Standard will be the next call that is made.

Regardless of the circumstances, Standard is on standby to deliver safe, timely, and first-in-class quality for every client when they are ready to have Standard be their next call.

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