Taking Ownership

Customers frequently come to me with a problem that is not necessarily related to the building envelope. My mindset is never to respond with: “That’s out of our set of core competencies. You’ll need to call someone else.” Such a response is unacceptable in Standard’s universe. Whatever a customer’s commercial facility problem is, Standard is committed to taking ownership of that problem and helping them solve it.

Recently, a customer came to us with concerns about the indoor air quality of a building they owned. Well, Standard is not in the air quality testing business. However, that did not mean we could not help this customer with their problem. When presented with the customer’s problem, Standard’s representative went to work to locate a professional air quality testing firm. Within an hour, we received two quotes for the testing. Based on our discussions with both firms, we recommended one to the owner. Within one week, the selected air quality firm completed their work and provided detailed test results. When the invoice from the testing firm arrived, we simply passed it on to the owner, with no Standard mark-up (because we spent no more than three hours identifying and coordinating the work). Within a month, this customer awarded Standard a large building envelope repair project.

There's a reason Standard’s company name now ends with the word “Solutions.” As long as customers request and trust Standard Commercial Roofing and Envelope Solutions to provide solutions for their commercial building needs, that is exactly what we will do. Such actions on Standard’s part help build stronger customer relationships, reinforces the level of trust customers place in our team and fulfills our commitment to one of our Standard Core Values—“We are Problem-Solvers.”

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