Testing Metal Edge Systems

ES-1—“Wind Test Design Standard for Edge Systems Used with Low Slope Roofing System” is a standard addressing wind resistance testing of edge metal systems (except gutters) used to secure the perimeters of low-slope membrane roof systems.

Wind resistance testing is becoming a requirement on many projects—both public and private. The process to obtain ES-1 is a rigorous one which requires adherence of the fabricator to manufacture certain edge metal profiles—coping, gravel guard, edge trim/fascia—to exacting standards.

Indeed, the International Building Code (IBC) requires design wind loads for project specifications and specifically calls for perimeter systems to be fabricated in accordance with the ES-1 standard.

ES-1 has two components:

  1. a procedure for estimating the design wind loads
  2. three methods for evaluating wind resistance of certain metal perimeter profiles

Third-party testing entities require a vigorous compliance certification process, including on-site inspections of the fabricator/manufacturer facilities.

The application of ES-1 requirements are an important part of the overall robust project design and building owners with low-slope membrane roof systems should ensure that the roofing contractors they are currently working with now or considering working with in the future are adhering to best practices including adherence to the ES-1 standard.

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