The Importance of Pacing Your Work

In order to do it safely and do it correctly, virtually all work related to construction trades cannot be done in a hurry. This is especially true with commercial reroofing and other building envelope maintenance projects.

There are several major stages of a large building envelope project.

  • Stage 1: Cleaning exterior vertical and horizontal surfaces to remove dirt as well as removing old, deteriorated waterproofing and existing roofing.
  • Stage 2: Preparing the surfaces.
  • Stage 3: Applying the new waterproofing or roofing materials. Each of these stages involves many steps and properly executing the steps within each stage at a safe and deliberate pace and performing them in a specific order is critical to the long-term success of a project.

While it certainly takes experience to perform all of the steps in each of these stages properly, the more important factor to understand for building owners is that each of the steps within each stage takes time to perform safely and correctly. Trying to hurry tasks can result in poor workmanship and possibly injuries if an employee undertakes unsafe practices in an effort to complete a task far ahead of schedule. Standard utilizes tried-and-true processes to pace our work in order to complete tasks safely, in the proper sequence, in a timely and efficient manner, and with first-rate workmanship.


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