Why Selective Bidding Pays Off.

Unfortunately for building owners, many contractors operate under the theory of bid now/figure out how to do the job after they win the bid. On the other hand, we are very selective at Standard about what jobs we bid. Instead of bidding (guessing) on every commercial roofing or building envelope maintenance project opportunity that we learn about, our team carefully evaluates opportunities to bid based on a set of pre-determined criteria.

Our niche is taking on challenging and complex projects with owners that can pay their bills. Once a bid opportunity has been vetted and is determined to meet these and several other criteria, our philosophy of quality over quantity allows us to focus on putting together a labor and materials estimate that is as thorough as possible. Next, we ensure we have a qualified crew that will be available to successfully complete the job within the owner’s specified time frame. Then, and only then, do we take the final step of preparing and submitting a bid.

Many of our previous clients know Standard’s process for evaluating bid opportunities and accurately estimating jobs. Therefore, if they are comparing a Standard bid to a significantly lower-priced bid, they know this price disparity is a red flag. In these cases, we always recommend clients perform extraordinary due diligence on the low bidder to be sure they can bond the job they are bidding on and then check with their provided references to be sure they have successfully completed similar jobs.

Over our 75+ years in business, this formula for determining what jobs to bid on has helped ensure we have the highest rate of success for ourselves and our building owners on the projects we ultimately bid.


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