Community Service

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

The above quote by Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali is parallel to our firm’s efforts to serve the communities in which we live and work. To that end, Community Involvement is one of the underpinnings of our firm’s five Core Values.

In a book written by Kent M. Keith, “The Case for Servant Leadership”, he cites one of the Core Values of Schneider Corporation, an engineering firm in Indianapolis. The Core Value states, “Serving the needs of others first is the path to mutual success and personal fulfillment.” We also believe that a life absent of service to others is a life unfulfilled.

Our firm has been fortunate to have been involved in many community projects. We have provided roofing materials and installation labor for over a dozen Habitat for Humanity homes. We are ongoing sponsors for youth baseball and softball leagues. Many of our employees have been coaches in youth sports, volunteers for the American Cancer Society and are active in their respective churches. Our firm has supported the arts through membership in the Business Committee for the Arts. We are ongoing supporters of a large fundraising program established by a leading healthcare system in Pensacola. We donated the roofing material and installation labor for the new headquarters of the Red Cross of Central Alabama and many other non-profit organizations have received support from our firm.

We only offer this information to illustrate our staff and firm’s diverse commitment to Community Service. A for-profit business should not always be about money. Obviously, we must earn a fair profit in order to invest in the future of our employees and be a strong, sustainable business for the long term. However, a life lacking in service to others and to one’s community is a life unfulfilled. And this notion applies to our firm’s “life”.

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