Details, Details, Details!

As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details”.

Though not having played competitive basketball in over 45 years, the lessons my high school basketball coach taught have stayed with me to this day. While watching basketball on TV recently, I was reminded of the lessons that Coach Joe Mooty worked tirelessly to instill in us are time-tested truths. Bottom line, Coach Mooty was adamant about details related to how his teams played on both ends of the court. A few of the Cardinal Rules of basketball that Coach instilled in us were:

  • Never let the man you are defending drive the baseline; doing so was a basketball sin!
  • Follow your shot; you know best where the ball is headed.
  • Never throw a cross-court pass. Far more can go wrong than right with the maneuver.
  • Never “rest” while playing defense. If you need to catch your breath in a game, do it while the offense is setting up.
  • Block-out the nearest opposing player before grabbing a rebound.
  • Move your feet! Failure to move your feet while defending your opponent leads to a poor outcome.
  • When you begin to advance a ball, always dribble to the middle of the court. This establishes two passing lanes.

So, what do building envelope solutions have to do with basketball? The devil is in the details for both. If your roofing contractor is paying attention to the details, jobs will run smoothly and virtually all future leaks will be prevented.

My job as the head coach of Standard is to constantly remind our team members of the importance of paying attention to the details. When quoting a job, details matter. When preparing for a job, details matter. When managing a job, details matter. Paying attention to details at every level of our business is the secret to having long-standing client relationships and running a successful business for nearly 80 years.

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