Details Matter for Standard

As I mentioned in the Details, Details, Details blog, my job as the head coach of Standard is to constantly remind our team members of the importance of paying attention to the details.

Details in the office that we work tirelessly to instill include:

  • The phone shall not ring more than 3 times per caller, before a team member answers.
  • Everyone answers calls with “Good Morning/Afternoon, Standard.” No exceptions.
  • No caller shall be placed on hold for more than 30 seconds without someone checking back with the person on hold.

Details in the field that we work tirelessly to instill include:

  • Never back up (take a step backward) when on a roof. Safety First!
  • Tie off ladders securely and make sure they extend at least 3’ above the edge of the roof surface.
  • When on a job site, wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. No exceptions.
  • Jobsite grounds are to be cleaned up at 10 am, 2 pm, and 4 pm daily.
  • Warning lines are present around all work areas.
  • 100% of on-roof personnel tied off at all times on steep-slope roofs, and 100% when working within 6’ of the edge of all roofs.
  • Secure all equipment overnight.
  • The senior supervisor is the last man off the roof, responsible for water-tight tie-ins and risk remediation.

Details in management functions that we work tirelessly to instill include:

  • Paying attention to details in the office helps ensure Standard provides the best experience possible for our customers. Paying attention to details when team members are working on a roof can literally be the difference in leaving job sites horizontally instead of the preferred vertical position. In the office or in the field, mind the details, and the details will mind you!
  • You get what you inspect, not what you expect, so visit jobs weekly, at a minimum.
  • Avoid cheap bids. Don’t be a “commodity.”
  • Collect your money when it’s due. Cash is a contractor’s lifeblood.
  • Keep backlog at a healthy level. Stretch yourself, challenge your team but be aware of workload “stretch” capacities.

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If you have any questions or comments, please email me, Pete Taylor, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Standard, at:

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