How No-bidding New Construction Pays Off

Over our 75 years in business, Standard has worked on a number of new construction projects. At times, we have encountered young managers employed by certain general contractors, who strive to develop reputations as “tough guys”—too interested in accelerating the project schedule rather than scheduling enough time for each trade to perform its work in a manner resulting in the highest quality for the owner.

About 10 years ago, Standard embarked on an effort to rid the company of these “C-Type” customers. Until Standard weeded out most new construction from its bid list, our project experience with many general contractors was not good.

Owners, architects, and consultants deserve a more-than-fair return on their large investment of time and money on new construction projects. That’s why Standard will not bid on a job if there is not a high probability we can deliver the best in safety, quality, and service—the only way our pursuit of perfection will most often result in excellence for the owner. This “Standard Rule” results in a very short list of general contractors, and hence, a short list of new construction projects on which we consider bidding.

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