Job Preplanning–Customer Focused Success Part 2

If the first step to successful roof replacement projects is proper estimating, then the second step is proper job preplanning. While it is true that good project managers and superintendents can overcome many problems that can arise during commercial building roof replacements and other building envelope maintenance projects on occupied facilities, with proper job preplanning, many issues can be mitigated before the job even starts.

Project managers and supervisors must take a detail-oriented approach when planning for a commercial construction project of any type. But for roof replacements and building envelope maintenance projects, three areas that are critical to a project’s success are jobsite planning, interior content awareness, and rooftop conditions.

Another critical component of proper job preplanning is having an advance plan for inclement weather in place. In this two-part series, we outline the elements that an Inclement Weather Plan should include.And the best way to plan for a reroofing job on an occupied facility to be completed safely is to have a site-specific Occupied Facility Safety Plan completed in advance of the job starting.

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