Jobsite Safety–Customer Focused Success Part 4

Just like Location, Location, Location is the number one rule of making successful real estate investments, Safety, Safety, Safety is the number one factor that will lead to the successful completion of commercial roofing and building envelope maintenance projects.

As we are preparing for upcoming projects, when one of our team members mentions jobsite safety planning, some customers immediately (only) think of the safety measures our crew is taking to keep themselves safe. However, because the vast majority of projects we take on at Standard are commercial reroofing and building envelope maintenance and repair projects, our crews are required to work (literally) in direct proximity to the occupants of buildings we are working on. So our jobsite safety planning process has to be holistic, we must consider the owner’s building contents and occupants equally as we work toward creating an occupied facility jobsite safety plan. Know that Standard keeps everyone in mind that will be impacted by the work we are about to take on BEFORE any work commences–so, in addition to employees of our client’s commercial enterprises, we consider the sensitivity of patients in hospitals, children in schools, and the general public that has to visit government buildings to take care of day-to-day business.

And keep in mind that jobsite safety does not just happen on the job. Because safety is one of the most important of Standard’s core values, we are deliberate about maintaining a safety-first culture. So, if the safety record of potential bidders on your upcoming projects is important to you, one relatively easy way to determine (in advance) if safety will be a priority for contractors invited to bid is to require EMR scores in your bid request.

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