The Impact of COVID-19 on Roofing and Building Envelope Customers

March 19, 2020

Standard Commercial Roofing and Envelope Solutions is committed now more than ever to our core values. These values include a relentless focus on the safety of our job sites, and we will be taking additional safety and security precautions throughout this pandemic along with additional steps to minimize interruptions to the schedules of our contracted projects. All of our work is performed outdoors and has a certain amount of social distancing built into the performance of the job; however, adhering to the guidelines outlined below will help keep everyone safe and healthy and help keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

Job Site Initiatives:

We are committed to the following priorities to help minimize the impact of COVID-19 on our crews and your employees: 

  • Providing additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to our employees as well as regular discussions covering personal hygiene best practices
  • Implementing an active employee monitoring system that includes questioning all employees and work partners daily. Anyone who presents with symptoms related to the virus will be removed from the jobsite with a no return-to-work policy until cleared by medical personnel.
  • Increasing the number of sanitary services at the job sites including, but not limited to, hand sanitizer stations, porta-potties and self-contained washing stations 
  • Enhancing cleaning and disinfection procedures for tools that are used by multiple employees
  • Setting up traffic control plans for occupied facilities to minimize social interaction with building occupants or, when interaction is necessary, keeping a six-foot distance
  • Utilizing additional ladders and scaffolding to have crews perform as much of their required work as possible from the outside of client facilities
  • Minimizing non-essential employee travel
  • Leveraging the highest level of self-performance possible to complete committed work
  • When contractors are required for projects, ensuring they are fully vetted partners
  • Continuing to monitor and implement additional procedures as recommended by the CDC, WHO as well as federal, state and local governments

Supply Chain Initiatives:

We are committed to the following priorities to help minimize anticipated supply chain impacts as travel restrictions, public quarantines and curfews are implemented to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Planning ahead for contracted projects to protect from material delays and/or shortages
  • Leveraging supplier relationships and buying power to secure materials for contracted projects in advance to help prevent pricing swings
  • Maintaining proper attention to product shelf lives and protection of materials stored for your jobsite
  • Offering payment term options that can be discussed with your Standard representative 

Standard Commercial Roofing and Envelope Solutions is committed to helping you and your business through this global pandemic while maintaining our focus where it belongs—on your health, your safety, your employees, and your roof.

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