Your Attitude

Life is full of learning lessons, but the best lessons learned come from the hardest experiences. We all know that most things happen out of our control and usually at the worst time, but over time you realize there is one thing you can always control no matter the situation or issue: your reaction. Keeping a good attitude in the face of hardship is not always an easy task, but a necessary one that will benefit you, and your business, in the long run. 


Supply Chain Disruption Solution

Supply and demand are important components of every functioning business. However, during the recent pandemic, supply chain disruption has become another difficult hurdle to climb and conquer. Interruptions in your supply directly affect your demand, and in turn, your customers. At Standard, we understand how we can help our customers manage through these times.


Communication is Key

For banks and surety providers, open communication is the key to a contractor’s success.


Facility Resilience

Implementing resilience strategies for your building is beneficial for all facilities. And, when building replacement is an option, owners should ask designers of the new facilities to incorporate measures based on the principles of resilience into facility designs.


Community Service

Immersing your business into a community is more than offering great services and products. It is about being a pillar of doing good deeds and leveraging your resources to make the community better as a whole. We have over 75 years of experience getting up, getting out, and investing our time and talents in the communities we serve! “The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.” — Helen Keller


3 Truths of Customer Loyalty

Customers are sometimes fickle–they like to explore new things, products, and places when shopping for the best deal. But what makes a customer loyal to a business when they have plenty of similar options? Customers appreciate a business with honest and realistic feedback as well as exceptional customer service. They want to know that they are in good hands and feel confident in your services. Customer loyalty, like your reputation, should be a key goal in the everyday operations of your business. Without it, your business will become a revolving door of inconsistent opportunities.


Earning Your Reputation

A reputation is a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular habit or characteristic for either something amazing or unfavorable. Great reputations are built by businesses that employ great people who are truly dedicated to the clients they are serving. On the other hand, reputations are fragile and need to be protected at all times. One wrong experience can send your business’s reputation in a downward spiral. Reputations should be protected at all costs, after all, they are your business’s first impression to new and potential customers. 


Know Your (Cash) Position

Being aware of your financial standing is important regardless of the industry you work in. However, being proactive in intently managing your accounts payable and accounts receivable is what truly matters. To do this, two of the most critical responsibilities of a prudent contractor are managing cash flow and knowing their cash position.


Maintaining an Orderly Jobsite

A roof replacement project on any facility is a major undertaking. Issues such as jobsite safety hazards, noise and proper communication among stakeholders are just a few of the many items that must be managed. How neatly a jobsite is being maintained is a direct reflection of the attention to detail a contractor is paying as they undertake the job at hand.


How Building Envelope Maintenance Saves Money

Whether you manage a healthcare, industrial or institutional facility, a building envelope maintenance program will save your organization money. The most obvious benefits of building envelope maintenance programs are extending the service life of existing roof systems and preventing minor roof issues from becoming major roof repairs. However, by taking advantage of a comprehensive Building Envelope Maintenance Program, you are much more likely to head off potentially costly and unplanned facility downtime due to preventable building envelope failures.


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