Leadership is a Responsibility We All Bear

As we begin to wrap our minds around living in a world that exists with COVID-19, a return to a “normal” way of life for Americans will come at a gradual, methodical pace. Opening retail, restaurants and similar establishments, according to guidelines directed by state and federal governments, will dictate the pace to recovery. And just like there are risks associated with virtually every aspect of everyday life, elected officials must accept that bold leadership will come with taking some chances. Even the consumer will have to take a leadership role by working hard and contributing their share to help our country return to a more “normal” way of life.


HR Standards of Success

There are certainly multiple components that lead to the success of an organization, but it can be argued that effectively managing the human resources of a company is the most important determinant of that company’s long-term success. And the effective management of the HR function depends on more than just the HR department. Getting it right takes an active team approach that includes the HR department as well as supervisors and managers all the way up to the CEO. And just like on any successful team, members each have critical roles. It’s important to note that all of these functions are ongoing, interrelated and should be conducted in as near to “real-time” as possible.


We Will Recover

Today, a great many industries world-wide are suffering steep losses and they will likely get worse before they begin what will be a long road to recovery. These business losses are already being felt by millions of American workers at all levels—executive, professional, blue-collar, and service workers. However, while recovery may not feel possible, Americans are resilient. And like we have many times before, we will work together, and we will move forward. We will recover.


Community Service

Standard is committed to serving others and supporting our community, it’s one of our firm’s five Core Values. We believe that a life lacking in service to others and to one’s community is a life unfulfilled.


These Uncertain Times

During times like this, many of us can find ourselves getting stuck inside our own heads with racing thoughts of fear and anxiety. Over the years, I have found ways to cope and move forward by turning something off and other things on.


Roof Maintenance vs. Roof Replacement

There has never been a better time to weigh the investment of maintaining your roof vs. replacing your roof. Standard can help you objectively assess your existing roof and perform any minor repairs through our roof maintenance program. These efforts could give you many more months or even several more years before the entire roof needs to be replaced.


The Impact of COVID-19 on Roofing and Building Envelope Customers

Standard Commercial Roofing and Envelope Solutions is committed now more than ever to our core values. These values include a relentless focus on the safety of our job sites, and we will be taking additional safety and security precautions throughout this pandemic along with additional steps to minimize interruptions to the schedules of our contracted projects. All of our work is performed outdoors and has a certain amount of social distancing built in to the performance of the job; however, adhering to the guidelines outlined below will help keep everyone safe and healthy and help keep your business running as smoothly as possible.


Understanding Roof System Warranties

It's certainly preferable for building owners to understand the manufacturer’s warranty of the roofing material that is being proposed for any reroofing project prior to signing the contract. However, if your reroofing project has already been completed, it's still a worthwhile exercise to request and then read through the warranty for the roofing material that is now on your building. Building owners can request a sample of this roofing material manufacturer’s warranty from the roofing contractor being considered; or who was contracted to install your building’s roof. You should ask questions and request any clarifications in writing for any warranty terms that are not completely clear to you. Here are explanations of various roofing material warranties that are available and several important items you need to look for when reviewing your warranty.


Steep-Slope Roof Systems, Part 3

In addition to minimum slope ratio, sufficient ventilation and proper application of metal flashings, selecting the right underlayment is literally and figuratively “the foundation” of a well-designed and properly installed steep-slope roof system. While organic asphalt felts were popular products for this application in the past, they are no longer the preferred underlayment for steep-slope roof systems.


Steep-Slope Roof Systems, Part 2

In addition to maintaining proper ventilation, proper application of flashings is integral to the installation of water-tight, steep-slope roof systems. There are a variety of flashing conditions to consider, and requirements vary among roof systems. Here are just a few examples.


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