How Building & Roof Maintenance Saves Money

Whether you manage a healthcare, industrial or institutional facility, a maintenance program will save your organization money. The most obvious benefits of building envelope maintenance programs are extending the service life of existing roof systems and preventing minor roof issues from becoming major roof repairs. However, by taking advantage of a comprehensive building envelope maintenance program, you are much more likely to head off potentially costly and unplanned facility downtime due to preventable building envelope failures.


Traits for Success

Being a leader is about more than just being in charge. It’s about being humble no matter the circumstance and audience. It is about being open to your employees and clients in difficult situations and it’s about being your authentic, true self every day to everyone. To be a successful leader means having respect and empathy for your team and understanding that leadership does not place you above them, but beside them in every obstacle and triumph.


Control Your Re-Roofing Experience

Starting a new project can be an exciting process. Watching a good idea come to fruition from start to finish can give you a great sense of pride in your work, and all who had a part in it. However, before the idea can become a reality, your first job is to find the most qualified contractors and verify their competency with a pre-qualification process as well as provide them with the correct information to ensure they understand every detail of the project and the part they will play in it all. Here at Standard Roofing, we take pride in our detailed process to find the best candidates to ensure client satisfaction as well as to uphold our standard of quality work and service.


The 95:5 Rule

Managing a successful business is all about hard work, determination, quality products and timely service. However, the work doesn’t stop there. Genuine customer service, clean work environments and having a positive attitude, among other things, all contribute to the success of the business as well. The 95:5 rule is a concept that 95 percent of your business thrives off of the services or products your business produces. The remaining 5 percent comes from the integrity, compassion and care your customers experience when interacting with you and your employees. 95 percent certainly trumps 5 percent, however that 5 percent is what will retain your customers’ loyalty and your reputation in the long run.


Testing Metal Edge Systems

Wind resistance testing is becoming a requirement for Edge Systems used with Low Slope Roofing Systems. Wind resistance testing is carried out to simulate the planned wind environment of the product and tests for the ability to withstand high winds, tunneling, and peak pressure loading caused by storms. It is important to ensure that roofing contractors are adhering to best practices including adherence to the ES-1 standard.


Your Attitude

Life is full of learning lessons, but the best lessons learned come from the hardest experiences. We all know that most things happen out of our control and usually at the worst time, but over time you realize there is one thing you can always control no matter the situation or issue: your reaction. Keeping a good attitude in the face of hardship is not always an easy task, but a necessary one that will benefit you, and your business, in the long run. 


Supply Chain Disruption Solution

Supply and demand are important components of every functioning business. However, during the recent pandemic, supply chain disruption has become another difficult hurdle to climb and conquer. Interruptions in your supply directly affect your demand, and in turn, your customers. At Standard, we understand how we can help our customers manage through these times.


Communication is Key

For banks and surety providers, open communication is the key to a contractor’s success.


Facility Resilience

Implementing resilience strategies for your building is beneficial for all facilities. And, when building replacement is an option, owners should ask designers of the new facilities to incorporate measures based on the principles of resilience into facility designs.


Community Service

Immersing your business into a community is more than offering great services and products. It is about being a pillar of doing good deeds and leveraging your resources to make the community better as a whole. We have over 75 years of experience getting up, getting out, and investing our time and talents in the communities we serve! “The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.” — Helen Keller


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