Watch Out For Low Bid Outliers

Remember the old adage: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Keep this in mind as you evaluate bids for upcoming commercial roof replacement projects. If you have 3 or 4 bids and one is significantly less, do some extra due diligence to make sure that bid is not “too good to be true”.


Collect Your Money When It’s Due

Maintaining healthy levels of cash is key to the viability of any contractor. This is especially true during these times of material shortages and long-lead deliveries resulting from supply chain problems.


5 Keys to a Safety-First Culture

Safety training is a vital part of every business regardless of the industry. However, for companies providing commercial roofing and building envelope maintenance services like Standard, poorly implemented safety training can literally be the difference between life or death. The team as a whole must have a clear understanding that these protocols not only protect themselves as individuals, but the group as a whole.


2 Pre-Bid Steps To Roof Replacement Success

Before owners open the first bid from contractors for their project, they need to be sure that contractors who are bidding on the project actually have what they need to fully understand what they are being asked to bid on—that happens by providing a clear scope of work. Then, owners need to be sure they are not evaluating bids from contractors who are not qualified to do the job—that happens through the pre-qualification process.


Maintaining an Orderly Jobsite

A roof replacement project on any facility is a major undertaking. Issues such as jobsite safety hazards, noise, and proper communication among stakeholders are just a few of the many items that must be managed. How neatly a jobsite is being maintained is a direct reflection of the attention to detail a contractor is paying as they undertake the job at hand.


After the Storm has Passed

Checking your building’s envelope—roof, exterior walls, doors, and windows—for moisture infiltration from damage as soon as possible after weather events will help to prevent further infiltration and longer-term issues.


Protect Against Theft with Fidelity Bonds

Theft or fraud is a risk that employees can pose that is sometimes overlooked by employers, especially by smaller contractors.


Quality Counts!

At Standard, quality counts, and it counts in importance second only to safety.


Life Insurance

Protect your family, purchase as much life insurance as possible.


Managing Customer Expectations

One of the most important components in supporting Standard’s customers—especially during this day and time—is to be straightforward with customers about issues affecting project progress and delivery.


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