Protect Against Theft with Fidelity Bonds

Theft or fraud is a risk that employees can pose that is sometimes overlooked by employers, especially by smaller contractors.


Quality Counts!

At Standard, quality counts, and it counts in importance second only to safety.


Life Insurance

Protect your family, purchase as much life insurance as possible.


Managing Customer Expectations

One of the most important components in supporting Standard’s customers—especially during this day and time—is to be straightforward with customers about issues affecting project progress and delivery.


Be a Better Leader

As you strive to help others advance their careers inside your organization and outside of it, practicing these ten “Must-Do’s” is essential for effective leaders to help others succeed—because when they succeed, your organization will succeed.


Insurance Coverages & Claims

It is imperative for the long-term health of your business to review your insurance policies annually with your providers. A review should include a confirmation that your coverage levels are satisfactory to adequately accommodate for an unexpected, large claim.


Four Keys to a Safety-First Culture

Safety training is a vital part of every business regardless of the industry. However, with Standard, safety training can be the difference in life or death for one or many people, if poorly implemented. It is crucial to train our team on safety protocols. The team as a whole must have a clear understanding that these protocols not only protect themselves as individuals, but the group as a whole.


The Key to Constructability is Communication

As we all have learned by now, communication is a key component of any product or service industry. At any part during the execution of the agreed scope of work, details have to be communicated from top to bottom from owner to designer, to the contractor, and so forth. Every detail counts, especially the small ones. Communication will make the difference in the overall composition of your work while project deadlines, expenses, and client satisfaction will speak volumes as a result of the success of the constructability structure.


Accelerate the Adoption of Efficient Building Technologies

During the next few years, with energy efficiency and alternative energy sources a high priority for the federal government, adopting efficient building technologies will be imperative. Learn now how to implement best practices and leverage building envelope resources to ensure the longevity of your work and your client expectations. 


Accountability Mentality

Delays in shipments, extreme weather, family emergencies, and a myriad of other things can delay a project and in turn delay a clients satisfaction. Though these things happen often and are out of our control, it is important to take accountability for the results that we promised, but were not met. An “accountability mentality” is the only path that will lead to a high level of success. 


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