It’s About The Work!

Your company or organization can have flashy business cards, marketing campaigns, meet-and-greets, and every other marketing effort under the sun. However, if your fieldwork is of poor quality, performed in an unsafe manner, sloppy, completed late, etc., you will likely miss the opportunity to obtain that new customer or retain an existing one. It’s all about the work.


Succession Planning

Current leadership should always have a succession plan for up-and-coming leaders to carry the business forward, without great upheaval. Identifying and nurturing qualified successors will determine whether an organization continues to operate smoothly or begins to sputter and stall under newly-selected leaders.


Your Culture Is Your Brand

How customers feel when they hear your company name or when they see your logo is considered brand perception. Ultimately, your company culture as much as anything shapes these feelings. When a leadership team truly leads, your customers will get a sense that your company culture promotes fairness and consistency. And when customers feel they are being treated consistently and fairly, they will contribute to the upward and positive momentum that will lead your company to success.


Reputation is Everything

Companies in service fields often provide a much lower level of customer service than is provided by most other industries. However, if a team of customer service professionals will commit to doing what they say, when they say they will do it, they can build customer trust and loyalty.


Why Experience Modifier Ratings Matter

Experience Modifier Ratings or EMRs matter because they are a direct indicator of the safety records of prospective construction project bidders. And EMR ratings can have an impact on the costs of projects and the potential for that vendor to complete your project without on-the-job injuries.


Honesty + Quality + Safety = Trust

By focusing on three of our most important core values as we interact with customers and with each other, our customer’s best interests will always be our highest priority. And when customers feel that their best interests are the highest priority, the foundation of a trusting relationship is being laid vs. a transaction being made.


Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Faced with the very real possibility of substantial price increases and shipping delays on the construction materials required over the extended duration of a recent project, we secured a warehouse and were able to receive and store all of the materials for the entire job—preserving our margins and completing the project on time.


The Importance of a Proper Estimate

Many problems can be overcome by good project managers and superintendents. However, nothing can overcome a poor estimate. Thorough, accurate, and detailed estimates/take-offs are a must, and because no workday or project goes flawlessly, certain assumptions and contingencies must be “built-in” to every take-off.


Knowing When To Say “Yes”

The ultimate success of any organization relies primarily on management’s ability to determine when to say “yes” and more importantly when to say “no”. And every good manager knows that they must have the proper information in order to make that judgment.


Watch Out For Low Bid Outliers

Remember the old adage: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Keep this in mind as you evaluate bids for upcoming commercial roof replacement projects. If you have 3 or 4 bids and one is significantly less, do some extra due diligence to make sure that bid is not “too good to be true”.


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