Know Your (Cash) Position

Being aware of your financial standing is important regardless of the industry you work in. However, being proactive in intently managing your accounts payable and accounts receivable is what truly matters. To do this, two of the most critical responsibilities of a prudent contractor are managing cash flow and knowing their cash position.


Maintaining an Orderly Jobsite

A roof replacement project on any facility is a major undertaking. Issues such as jobsite safety hazards, noise and proper communication among stakeholders are just a few of the many items that must be managed. How neatly a jobsite is being maintained is a direct reflection of the attention to detail a contractor is paying as they undertake the job at hand.


How Building Envelope Maintenance Saves Money

Whether you manage a healthcare, industrial or institutional facility, a building envelope maintenance program will save your organization money. The most obvious benefits of building envelope maintenance programs are extending the service life of existing roof systems and preventing minor roof issues from becoming major roof repairs. However, by taking advantage of a comprehensive Building Envelope Maintenance Program, you are much more likely to head off potentially costly and unplanned facility downtime due to preventable building envelope failures.


Document, Document, Document

IT has made a substantial impact on many of the disciplines associated with the construction industry including building owners, developers, designers/architects, construction managers, and product manufacturers/vendors. However, many construction contractors—especially small and even some large general contractors as well as trade subcontractors—still run their businesses using the same practices their firms have used for decades.


Happy Employees = Happy Customers

It only stands to reason that if your employees are happy, they will work to make your customers happy. By maintaining an open-door policy, following through and having your employees' backs, you can ensure the happiness of both your staff and customers.


Life Insurance: Insuring Your Future

If you own and run a business and you have a family, one of the most important things you can do to protect your family is to purchase as much life insurance as possible, as early in your career as possible. I was given two pieces of advice many years ago which have served me well. The first is to accumulate enough insurance coverage to support your family if you are not around. The second, to buy Term Life insurance early and to maintain a practice of accumulating life insurance over the course of my career.


Succession Planning

A succession plan is vital to the sustainability of any organization. It's fairly simple to put on paper, but executing the plan is not easy. There’s an old saying, “People are like tomatoes in one respect; the best ones are home-grown.”


What is Roof Maintenance?

The purpose of a roof maintenance program for healthcare, industrial and institutional facilities is to help extend the service life of an existing roof system. A re-roofing project is a big capital investment, and a solid roof maintenance plan is a small investment by comparison that will save building owners money in the long term.


12 Rules for Work and Life

In Stephen Schwarzman’s recently-released book, What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence, he lists 25 Rules for Work and Life. We selected 12 of these rules that we believe can be harnessed to improve work life and personal/home life.


Budgeting For Major Roof Renovations

Every commercial facility renovation project should start with a sound pre-construction budget. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when creating a realistic budget for roof replacement on an industrial, institutional or healthcare facility.


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