Jobsite Management–Customer Focused Success Part 3

Proper jobsite management is one of the most important predictors of the success of commercial roofing or building envelope projects. Unfortunately for customers, a sloppy jobsite is often a predictor of sloppy workmanship. And sloppy is not on the list of ways to describe what will likely be a successful project. You would need to use words like clean, neat, orderly, safe, and secure to describe the jobsites during and after the work day of what will be a successful job.

At Standard, our jobsite supervisor is responsible for ensuring the rooftop and jobsite grounds are policed regularly for any stray trash. This exercise is to be undertaken at least three times per day—preferably in the morning after work has started, just after lunch, and at the end of the workday before anyone leaves the site. A few other factors to consider when evaluating a jobsite are if tools, equipment, and materials on the ground and roof are properly stored, if ladders are taken down, stowed away, and secured with a chain and padlock, and if scaffolding is being used to access the roof or other areas of the building envelope, it must be secured with a lock.

Even though we are not a football team, I believe that paraphrasing Vince Lombardi’s famous quote is appropriate when it comes to our team’s efforts around customer-focused success: by constantly chasing perfection, we know we are always moving towards excellence in every undertaking.

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